Edge of Space in MiG 29 Fighter Jet

A Supersonic Flight To The “Edge Of Space” (Includes Top Gun Aerobatics)

The Grand Vacationist in association with Sokol Airbase in Russia has created an awesome expereince for adrenaline junkies and aviation aficionados: So far, the prerogative has been the fighter pilots’ and the astronaut’s…to see earth from a supersonic distance. Now anyone with a passion for extreme adventure can see the Earth’s Curvature from the Edge of Space and experience “The Overview Effect – the view of the Earth in the blackness of the Universe”. This program offers you the exclusive opportunity to join an elite Supersonic Club of civilian fliers who have experienced the thrills of supersonic flight in an advanced Russian MiG-29UB Fighter Jet. This program is available in Russia only, and exclusively through our company in India. MiG-29UB civilian flights in Russia have been operated for more than 7 years, and “Sokol Airbase” has arranged more than 220 flights in the MiG-29UB and MiG-31 Russian Jet Fighters for all aviation junkies. This is how it works.

The pilot will start heading for the Stratosphere (up to 19 kms ABSL) at Supersonic speed of up to Mach 2.25. When you reach the highly distinctive boundary between the blue sky and black outer space, you will be ecstatic, exhilarated, and the flight will become an experience of a life-time…and just when you think this is surreal, the pilot will climb down to 9 kms ABSL and as you are pounded by the G-forces, the pilot performs Top Gun style aerobatic maneuvers. Whew! Goosebumps!

First Hand Experience

Mit Bhatt

Flight Parameters Achieved

  • Flight Time
    40 mins
  • Weather Conditions
    Cloudy, Snowy (the kind that makes trained pilots uncomfortable!)
  • Top Speed
    Mach 1.7 (2,080 kmph)
  • Highest Altitude
    17.3km ABSL (57,000ft)
  • Maximum G Load
  • G-Load Range
    +4 to +7G
  • Maneuvers
    Loops, Rolls, Turns, Low Pass, Knife...
  • Compliments of the Pilot
    I Had Control of The Flight for a minute!

  After my adventures on land, undersea and air, I was thirsting to scale up to my next level of thrilling experience. I decided to head to Russia – the land of breathtaking beauty and Rasputin, bitter cold, soothing vodka, royal museums, advanced military technology and Extreme Adventures…for an epic experience that has been playing on my mind for a long time now.... no, it was not just the double Russian fantasies most of us have… but maybe, something even better!

Since it was a double numbered birthday coming up - it had to be double the adrenaline rush, double the altitude, double the speed… and of course three times the fun!! — Until Virgin Galactic becomes affordable, a Suborbital Flight in a MiG-29UB Fighter Jet to the Edge of Space touching the Stratosphere at Supersonic speeds followed by Top Gun style Aerobatics was just what I needed!

I Did It!!

I did it!! I did it!! I did it!! Ecstatic, exhilarated and overwhelmed. There are no words in the dictionary that can do justice to what I felt as I stepped off the aircraft after the flight. What a sense of achievement too! Like I had conquered the world and was riding the crest of supremacy! And of course along with that a deep level of appreciation for our Top Guns in the Air Force and the Test Pilots. My test pilot Yuri Polyakov was great at the controls of the MiG-29UB, even allowing me to fly this amazing machine for a minute to do a pitch and roll making! What an experience! The G-force on an inverted flight felt pulverizing too!  

- Mit Bhatt, a partner of The Great Vacationists, has first-hand experienced the thrills of flying in a MIG Fighter Plane. This is his story:

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