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Notch up an unforgettable experience. Go island hoping, take a shopping vacation, indulge in a spa getaway, plan an adventure with your kids or a big fat family holiday on a cruise, explore the culture and architecture of cities around the world or simply explore a new destination. Whatever be your desire, satiate the wanderlust in you and head into a world that you have never explored before. When you come back home after a holiday, your home will be the same, but your mind would have changed. And that changes everything.

No, no, don’t curl up that pretty nose. Family vacations are no longer a trip to the family estate in a throwback village. This decade round, family vacations have done a pirouette. And now nanis and dadis want to ski-dive at the Alps at best or soak into a fragrant petal tub in a Himalayan resort at worst. So with concepts somersaulting, it is time to rethink and replan your family vacation. Of course it means spending time with your family, with elders and youngsters. But it also means that every member in the family thoroughly enjoys the holiday. This means a thorough think-through and great planning. For us. For you, it’s just time to sit back and chill. And count the smiles that every face is going to wear…during the holiday and for a long long time to come!

Luxury Family Holidays

Just like that. Some holidays are planned just like that. No pre-planned agenda. No items to check off your must-visit lists. Just a feel good urge that wants you to take a holiday. Experts say this is good. Instead of planning an annual holiday or in addition to it, plan a quick-thinking holiday. Like a Fast Gun Murugun. Tiny islands of Greece or a Carribean jaunt. The unexpected always guarantees more fun. And we are there to take the edge off. To plan and to execute the perfect luxury holiday! Top that with culture, adventure and relaxation. It’s time to fix the dates!

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