Gift a Holiday

Gifting correctly has become a challenge. Everybody seems to have everything and nobody is looking for anything in particular. So, what then do you do when you want to express your love and gift something special? Simple! Gift an experience! A holiday so special and customised that your loved one will cherish it for a lifetime and always thank you for the good time. The fun thing is that you can plan it as per the person’s personal likings. For someone who is a foodie for instance, you can plan a culinary retreat complete with specialised personalised training of a cuisine of their choice. Or gift them a romantic holiday. Not just any old romantic holiday but a super special one in a French castle or a Royal Palace. Or a stress-free cruise experience that will disconnect them from the worries of everyday life? If you are looking for a meaningful gift for someone, whatever be the occasion –Graduation, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, or office promotion, The Grand Vacationists can help you. We’ve got packages starting from 3-year vacations that include 1 local and 1 international holiday a year and more to choose from.

Corporate Gifts

With their arms deep into the travel mesh, expect only the best from The Grand Vacationist. With options ranging for luxury, adventure, all-inclusive holidays and special group packages, it would be a wise thing to do to use our services to create corporate gifting plans for employees, employers and business associates. Ideas we have aplenty, all you need to do is pick the one that suits your need. Lets get talking about this.

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