Legendary Brocations

Dude, bro or whatchamacallit… he’s the guy you want to hang around all the time. He knows you…unlike your wife who thinks she knows you. Ok, lets not get sexist. It could be a guy thing or a gal thing. Or a guy and a gal thing. Point is, you are back-slapping buddies. And you really want to chill out with him, Zindagi Na Mile Dobara types. So it’s a vacation like no other. Zipping into the countryside …a different country of course…in an open-hooded car, hooting with as much vigour as the car horn….or playing golf on a bright summer morning—serene environs coupled with some deep-rooted competitiveness…or just clamping palms on rough table in a crazy bar…whew sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? We’re smart. We leave it to you to decide.

your vacation with your bros. Your…um..brocation. Dirt, grit, muscle, booze, adventure…sorry misadventure….but loads and loads of fun. You ask. We plan. And deliver.

You have a blast. We look the other way. The bro-code remains unbroken. Cross our hearts and….you know it!

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