Mit Bhatt

Mit loves the challenge of making the seemingly impossible possible – a Porsche, a Beach Apartment in San Francisco, Diamond memberships of premier airlines & leading hotel chains… at the age of 27, the life of this maverick MS in Engineering Management graduate from The University of Texas at Arlington took off like the variety of Jets he helped fly – fast, aggressive yet luxurious. As a Management Coach & Advisor to 4-Star Generals and Squadron Commanders of the US Air Force & US Army Aviation Commands as well as Business Unit Heads of some of the top MNCs such as Delta Air Lines, L&T and BHP Billiton, Mit has orchestrated multi-billion dollar operational turnarounds across large organizations in the US, India and Singapore infusing a culture of high-performance and faster revenue realization.

Mit is a sharp strategist, a creative troubleshooter and a perfectionist with a magical quality of winning people over. His strength lies in bringing together the right people and putting together high-performance teams that deliver extraordinary results. This king of chaos is comfortable being uncomfortable and is cool-headed under pressure. His eye for detail and the premium value he places on honesty, integrity and time has made him a force to reckon with.

An aviation aficionado, Mit loves to live life on the edge and indulge in extreme adventures with luxury & some serious Gravity defying feel-ups that would daunt a lesser man. So, on his 33rd birthday,he decided to bring to life his dream of starting The Grand Vacationist – a travel company that would design fabulous Luxury & Adventure experiences – and with that thought, he began by flying at supersonic speeds to the Edge of Space in a MiG-29UB Fighter Jet and enduring up to +7G forces whilst performing Top Gun style aerobatic maneuvers – this earned him a National Record in the Limca Book Of Records as the first Indian civilian to fly highest/fastest! The Edge of Space experience became the first product for The Grand Vacationist while also making them pioneers in India for Air & Space adventures… For gilded effect, he has also flown the Boeing 737-700 Jet under the Brooklyn Bridge in a flight simulator used by airline pilots for their training and has the privilege of working around aircraft such as F-22s, F-15s, F-16s, B-52s, B1s, C130s, Black Hawks & Apaches, Air Force Two, an official aircraft of a dictator...

Mit’s motto in life is simple – you are born to live. Work hard. Play harder. Live a Full Life. He travels the world in style, taking in all the various adventure sports he loves. A certified Advance Open Water Scuba Diver, he has dived in exotic locations such as Maldives, Phuket, Sipadan & Tioman Islands and Bora Bora. For his love for road trips, Mit has blazed the road in a Porsche or a Maserati or a Land Rover in some fantastic road trips across the US, Australia and New Zealand, and captured these travelscapes with stunning photographs on his DSLR & iPhone!

This is perhaps the best phase in Mit’s life. He believes the greatest adventure in life is to live the life of your dreams, and feels lucky he has been able to live his dreams all his life – first working with the aircraft & military personnel he has been fascinated about and now around his passion for travel. His ‘play’ has become work and ‘work’ has become play. Straddling the two worlds as Managing Partner of The Grand Vacationist, it won’t be incorrect to say that Mit has found his true calling and dreams of making it the leading experiential travel company in India offering true luxury and epic adventure experiences for the Indian Vacationist.

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