Nishant Patel

Nishant Patel. The maverick entrepreneur. It’s not the Will to Win that matters - that’s commonplace. It’s the will to Prepare to Win that makes all the difference. Multitasking between the diverse roles he plays, gratifying his passion and combining it with his entrepreneurial zest, Nishant Patel wakes up before the sun rises, to hit the road and push his limits, and is strategizing till wee hours in the night; this is what a typical day entails for the innovative maverick. His best friends – His smartphone and his planner!

A globetrotter since a very early age, he capped it with his degree at The Harvard School Of Business and his Masters in Business Studies at The Macquarie University Australia. Nishant was consistently exposed to the developed countries’ economies, lifestyle and experiences that gave the citizens an enriching livelihood. The ability to envision and convert that into reality with sheer grit, gave birth to foundations like Equal Streets and Cycling all the Way, with the Nishant recreating a better world and a beautiful green canvas for the kids and people in India, beginning with Mumbai.

In order to succeed, your desire to success should be greater than you fear to fail. A sports enthusiast with a keen love for cycling since a tender age, the spirit to never let go was inbuilt within Nishant. This was reflected in his cycling explorations to Manali Khardung-La, and very recently the Cycling Tour of the Nilgiris, both adventures that test not just physical endurance but require a mind and attitude of steel, that focuses solely on the finish line.

Bringing about a shift is no ordinary a job; first to visualize it and then to convert it into a concrete offering. The Grand Vacationist was conceptualized to change the way the world sees adventure and luxury travel. With The Grand Vacationist Nishant wants to open the minds of Vacationists by Designing & Curating travel experiences that explore the myriad facets of our beautiful planet. It’s his oxygen, which he wishes to breathe into the holidays of all travelers. A scuba consultant with a PADI Tec-40 certification, Nishant is here to show you, how the seas can be as inviting as the open skies.

An infectious smile with the perfect skill to network, his efforts to intertwine connecting ends have earned him several accolades as the Treasurer and Event Facilitator of Australia Alumni Association-Mumbai Chapter, just another feather in his cap, which he diligently performs day in and day out. His secret to digesting it all with so much on his plate, is the determination to be a part of the world filled with the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently’

And as he always signs off,
Stay Humble. Hustle Hard.

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