Opulent Indulgences

Elegant opulence meets ultra-luxurious experiences. The Grand Vacationist curates personalized holidays, raising the luxury bar to an unmatched level. Perfectly designed postcard moments. Dining under the stars, living in palaces and castles, in a glass igloo or an edge of the cliff resort, renting an island, throwing a party in a private yacht, or getting up close and personal with celebrity chefs. Select one, a few or all from the bunch of amazing and exotic experiences specially put together for those who love and live life king size.

Castles & Palaces

As The Grand Vacationist rolls out the royal carpet, step into the shoes of royalty and drift into fantasy land where every royal dream you have ever had comes to life. From clinking glassware overflowing with Single Malts and the finest Wines to the one where someone is feeding you wine-soaked grapes! We have handpicked some of the most beautiful palaces & castles in India and Europe to enhance your experience. Because nobody defines luxury better than the Royals.

Private Jet Journeys

View the world from the window of your specially designed private jet. Visit the icons of the world in style. Check out the iconic symbol of love – the Taj Mahal or the Lost City of Petra, the Great Barrier Reef or the wild encounters of Serengeti Plain. Enjoy each of these in your own private flying cocoon that combines awesomeness with luxury to make memories of a lifetime, and gives you the opportunity to make new friends and future business partners. Round-the-world journeys lasting 20 to 30 days – a whole new way of getting closer to the world in style!

Private Yacht Vacations

Picture this. You are holidaying at your own pace, enjoying the most incomparable views of white sandy beaches and indulging in some breath taking sunset views while lounging lazily over the sun deck of a private yacht with the sounds of sea fluting their way through your soul. All around you is pristine blue – the sky and the sea and the marine life underneath is just a dive away. Who said its difficult to define luxury?

7 Star & Boutique Hotels

Unforgettable Luxury. Primed Living. Exclusive. Reclusive too, if you like. A wildly exotic bouquet of 7 star hotels and one of a kind boutique resorts that relax, rejuvenate and prep you for newer adventures. The Ice Hotel in Sweden (bring out those parkas!), a swim at one the most gorgeous spas at Villa Honegg in Switzerland overlooking the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps over Lake Lucerne, or an oasis in the middle of the desert like the Qasr Al Sarab Resort. Come, satiate that wanderlust in The Grand Vacationist style!

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