Scuba Dive Advisory

There are many reasons to learn to Scuba Dive. It may be something to mark off your bucket list, a reason to add to your travel style or even a way to meditate (Yes, it is nice and calm down there!). The ocean covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface – if your goal is to “see the world” then you’ll need to learn to scuba dive and sea it for yourself!

Coolest Reasons to start Scuba Diving immediately
See for yourself what you have been mesmerized with on the NatGeo or Discovery channels – trust us, once you have dived at some of the exotic dive sites, aquariums will never be the same again.

Keep Calm & Carry On
It’s a real thing down there, as you focus on breathing and controlling your buoyancy; advisable technique on the surface too.

Master Non-Verbal Communication
Down there, you have to master the hand signs to communicate effectively to keep yourself safe while you enjoy the underwater world – this sign language can also become your secret communication style on the surface with you buddies… just sayin’

Master your Zen Moments
The vast expanse of the water world, its natural inhabitants going about their daily routine, all you can hear is your own breathing while experiencing amazing marine life – your thoughts free of the mundane life routines and fully focused on the beautiful present urging to be explored.

Observe Harmony in Nature
The fishes and turtles that swim next to you, the beautiful corals that you so enjoy watching and even the Sharks that seem intimidating at first will still make you feel comfortable in a world alien to our normal lifestyles. They will all accept you the way you are as long as you don’t come across as causing any harm to them.

See Colours You Never Knew Existed
For those in love with the Arts, Fashion and a penchant for beautiful colors – you are in for a visual treat! See color combinations like never before and appreciate the artist in Mother Nature as you see life in various forms and colors.

Sounds So Darn Cool
Impress your friends and loved ones – after all how many can boast about being certified Scuba Divers (It is a cool fraternity that loves to smile, laugh, take it easy and enjoy life!)

Inspire the Vacationist in You


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