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While adventure sports can be all fun and exciting, it is underlined by training, focus, and skill. The more you dive, the more your skill sets improve and the deeper you can go and longer you can stay in the water. The most respected and widely recognized diving certifications around the world are PADI certifications. With vast experience in diving, our Scuba Consultants at The Grand Vacationist can guide you on the best and most cost effective ways to get your certifications completed.

The Scuba Consultants at The Grand Vacationist are the best people on shore in India to guide you through the several loops that you have to cross before you get your certifications in place. They are PADI Tec and Advance Open Water certified themselves with numerous dives at various locations under them. Let’s take a quick step by step dekko.

Step 1: Get your Open Water Diver certification cleared.
Hop onto a flight to Goa or Netrani Island. Getting there is cheaper and it’s a great idea to practice in local shores (and save some money) before you hit the big fish abroad. The Grand Vacationist can guide you through your scuba certification in Goa or Netrani Island in Karnataka. Here, the focus is on learning the basic skills and getting them right. Still fancy doing it abroad? We can hook you up in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand or wherever you dream of doing your certification.


Step 2: Advanced Open Water Diver certifications.
Once you’ve learnt the technique and have got your basic skills in place, it’s time to head for the real stuff. Pick an island like Maldives or Fiji, one of the best places in the world to scuba dive. Slice through their crystal clear waters, and get an intimate insight into the world below us. Additional options include Enriched Air Diver, Deep Diver and Wreck Diver certifications.

Step 3: By now you should be a confirmed scuba addict.
Welcome to the club. Time now to meet and play with the big guys! The sharks and the whales, the dolphins and the manta rays. The more time you spend underwater, the better you get. The Grand Vacationists are the best guides for your additional certifications; we are also the best partners to channel with when you want to explore the underwaters. We take you to the best dive sites in the world, hook you up with other scuba divers and help you experience the marine life like nobody else! As you develop & perfect your buoyancy, explore our Underwater Photography certification and make brilliant underwater videos! Want much more out of your underwater experience? – how about getting Tec certified or Side-mount certified?

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