Scuba Liveaboards

When you’re really passionate about diving, then liveaboard holidays are just the right thing for you. Besides having a skilled crew for company, a captain who can get you to unique sites and tell you exactly how to get the most out of the experience and an opportunity to dive multiple times a day, you get to live in the lap of the ocean, enjoy the moon and stars and spend time with like-minded people through the trip. Sounds like a plan? The Grand Vacationist offers exotic liveaboard experiences across the world; in the Red Sea, home to amazing Reefs with a teeming marine life, pelagic fishes, Reef Sharks, Dolphins and even the very rare Dugong. And if you want something closer to home, you can opt for liveaboards at Maldives with Whale sharks and Manta rays to dodge. And you don’t need to be a dive expert to get on this holiday. All you need is the passion.

Popular Scuba Liveaboards Destinations

  • Scuba Liveaboards - Maldives Maldives
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Red Sea Red Sea - Egypt
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Maldives Raja Ampat - Indonesia
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Thailand Thailand
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Galapogas Island Galapogas Island
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Fiji Fiji Islands
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Palau Palau
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Oman Oman
  • Scuba Liveaboards - Carribean Islands Carribean Islands

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