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There’s a tiger lurking in all of us. It doesn’t always roar. But if you step into the right environment, maybe it will! We’re just facilitators. We assemble the right mix, give it a good shake and hey presto, a perfect package is created. For animal lovers, as have an impressive repertoire of some fantastic packages. Wander into the deepest of jungles in Africa or in the sultry Amazon and meet up with some friendly creatures! The Big Cats, the elephants, the deers and the peacocks…for lovers of the four-legged, these special jungle holidays are supremely satisfactory. But say, just say, you’ve had your fill of the thick foliage and you are looking at some aerial space! Not an issue. Just hop onto a hot air balloon and uplift yourself to another level of happiness. Sometimes you might want to hear the roar of the lions from afar. Again, no issues at all. Set up your tent on the banks of the wilderness and just have a beastly experience!

Off-beat hotels, nature retreats, tent stays, jungle jeep rides, safaris….watching the Masai tribes in their comfort zone of the jungle, tracking the gorilla in Rwanda or witnessing The Migration, The Great Vacationist has a trip in place for every kind of beast lover. All you need to do is unleash your wild side!

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