The Grand Vacationist Story


A key emotion that inspires some of the best travel experiences. And a company that strings these timeless experiences together in packages that are ultra-luxurious and priceless.


Apart from making you a great story teller – they have the power to shape your life for good – every journey, every experience brings you closer to the world. It helps change your perceptions and narrows the influence of narrow minds on you, it opens your minds and punctures prejudices, allows you to be more compassionate & understanding towards people’s behavior and keep the peace. Our journeys shape us besides having the power to shape the experiences & opinions of others!

The Idea

The Grand Vacationist was born out of the personal travel style of the Founders. Having indulged in luxury vacations and extreme adventures across the world, they wanted others who share their love for travel to experience the same. As the concept started taking shape and form, amazing ideas from all three partners were infused into the company.

A Travel Style

The Grand Vacationist has emerged as a travel style that epitomizes the suave yet adventurous Vacationist who indulges in a wide range of travel experiences ranging from the ultra-luxury to the extreme adventurous. Soon a platform for like-mind travel enthusiasts who love to explore the world with style and adventure was created.

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