Voguish Shenanigans

Girls only wanna have fun. Not true. Buy yes, girls work hard, play harder. And though the boys might eat their hearts out with jealousy, the fact of the matter is that nothing quite beats girl bonding. Like Carrie Bradshaw said, maybe girlfriends are soulmates and guys are just to have fun.

A two-hour luncheon with your besties is enough to brighten up the gloomiest day, so can you imagine what a vacation will do?

Gossip, boy bashing, dancing, shopping? We promise you all that and more. And while you are having the time of your life with your bunch of crazies, we are your back-up support. We will take care of all the nitty-gritty nonsense that are part of party planning. You just chill and kick up a fun storm. Girl, more power to you!

Spa Holidays

Nothing quite matches the sheer luxury of self-pampering. And when that is offered in a place which is cocooned in luxury, it is stuff fantasies are made of. The Grand Vacationist has some out of this world packages that are soul satisfying and self relaxing. And they all come with stays that are divine. With farm to table health food, clean air, stress free environment and expert therapists whose magic fingers just will the tension of city life far, far away. You come back home refreshed, rejuvenated and raring to go!


ohhny Johhny! Yes Mommy! Eating Chocolates? No Mommy! . . . Sheesh . . . aren’t you tired of playing mommy all the time? Time you take a break and go on a Momcation. With other mommies if you like or with women head honchos. Whether you want to discuss poo or share prices, it’s your choice. But give yourself some space and slip back into the comfort zone of the past. Where your time was not dictated by household chores or orchestrating the maids’ functioning. So switch off the mental switch that gets you into a mommy mode instantly. Instead hop onto our band wagon of sheer mommy fun. Where mommies and non-mommies join in for a together trip. Explore the architecture of Spain or Rome, dip into the warm waters of the Andamans seafront or just slip into a high-falutin spa. Whatever you do, it will be an unforgettable experience, we’re sure.

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