Zero Gravity Flight FAQ

  Where is the zero gravity flight conducted in Russia? Are there any other places in the world for such flights?

The flights are performed in a special IL-76 MDK aircraft at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, the training and preparation of real astronauts before their take off to space takes place at this very center. The flights are organized 30 Kms from Moscow at Star City at the Chekolovsky airport.

  What is the lead time to book a zero gravity flight?

You should book your place on the regular flight at least 45 days in advance. Such requirements are applied due to the long security clearance process from the Russian military and government. The access to the cosmonaut center and airfield is restricted for civilians. We can start the reservations once the contract is signed with the client for mice programs where the entire flight is booked – the flight date should allow the 45 day clearance window.

  What are the medical tests that I have to clear?

Medical requirements are rather easy for civilian flights, though good health in general is necessary, there are no special requirements. The flights are prohibited only for those who have hypertension with constant blood pressure over 180, history over cardiac operations, spine problems and sinusitis. The pre-flight medical check is a formal inspection that includes a blood pressure check and a general briefing with a doctor about your current medical condition. You will be offered motion sickness medication if the doctor deems so. You can get a check done in advance with your local doctor. However, there is no requirement to provide any medical certificates. We have had a lot of clients in the age group of 60-70 years also, and they have enjoyed their experience without any problems.

  Is there any age limit for the zero gravity flight?

Yes. To perform the flight you must be between the ages of 18 to 70 years old. But we can discuss individually, if you fall out of this range.

  Will I get sick during the flight?

Most likely not, provided you follow our simple guidelines. We take every care in ensuring your safety so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest. Less than 5% of people actually get sick during the flight. We ask that you avoid alcohol for 24 hours before the Flight. Eat light meals at the usual times on the day of the flight.

  What is the cost of the package? How long is the flight duration?

Prices for the zero gravity Flight experience start from €4,000 onwards inclusive of taxes and fees levied by the service provider in Russia. Additional taxes may be applicable as per prevailing Indian tax laws. The flight will last 90 — 120 mins during which you will experience zero gravity mode for 10 to 15 times. Every zero gravity mode lasts 25 — 30 secs.

Note: Final price depends on the additional options selected and/or any change in price levied by the service provider due to significant change in fuel costs or currency fluctuations. Enhance your flight experience with additional options and get a taste of Russia by exploring St. Petersburg and Moscow with us.

  What is included in the price? What is not included?

INCLUDED: Zero gravity flight, Taxes and Fees, Insurance, Permissions from Russian Military to access the Yuri Gagarin cosmonaut center & airfield, Visa Assistance, Pre-flight preparations and medical check, Interpreter service, Personal Certificate, transfers to the cosmonaut center and airfield to and from your hotel in Moscow.

NOT INCLUDED: Anything that is not mentioned as included.

  How safe is the zero gravity flight for the tourist?

Your safety is our priority. The flight is absolutely safe. The special IL-76 MDK aircraft goes through a full inspection before every flight. The cabin of the IL-76 MDK is specially designed for the performance of the Zero Gravity flights for tourists. The plane is controlled by professional pilots with outstanding experience. Specially trained instructors and 2 medical personnel closely control the tourists’ safety during every Zero Gravity flight.

  Are cameras allowed at the air base?

No personal cameras, phone cameras are allowed at the cosmonaut center and airfield. Only our authorized camera crew can film at the base. We recommend you to order the professional video and photo package to capture your amazing experience.

  Any specific time frame to experience Zero Gravity?

The IL-76 MDK Flights are available all year-round. The scheduled flights are in spring, summer and autumn on weekdays. Chartered flights for mice and private groups are available year-round subject to weather conditions and availability of aircraft for zero gravity flight operations.

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