Zero Gravity Flight

The Grand Vacationist believes that there are a very few special people in this world who are brave and courageous and eager to test their personal boundaries of fear and love for adventure. It is for these extraordinary men and women that The Grand Vacationist in association with the Yuri Gagrin Cosmonaut Training Center in Russia has created an awesome adventure experience called the zero gravity experience.


This program offers you the exclusive opportunity to join an elite club of civilians who have experienced the thrills of zero gravity in an advanced Russian il-76 MDK Jet. Zero Gravity is a condition under which the force of gravity equals zero — real weightlessness is still experienced only by astronauts in outer space. Before actually going to space, every single astronaut goes through a special training that simulates the Zero Gravity here on Earth. One of these trainings is the Zero Gravity Flight aboard an IL-76 MDK. These Zero Gravity trainings for the future astronauts and tourists can only be performed in high-technology training centers such as the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Moscow).

  • Zero Gravity Flight
  • The special IL-76 MDK aircraft is the same used by aspiring astronauts at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, specially designed to train astronauts. The IL-76 is most unique and the safest aircraft for Zero-G flights for tourists! The IL-76 MDK plane ascends to a height of 6000 meters, and then at an angle of 45 degrees with maximum speed rises to 9500 meters. Precisely at this moment aboard the plane the tourists feel a G-force of +2G. When the plane is tracing the parable through its apex for its next descent, a Zero Gravity period is created for about 25 to 30 seconds. The plane descends to a height of 6000 meters and maintains that horizontal position for some time. The whole process is again repeated — Tourists who are on board periodically feel a G-force of 2G.

During the flight a group of specialists and instructors from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center are present who not only control the performance of the event itself, but also provide the tourists’ safety during the Zero-G maneuvers.

How it Works

Zero Gravity Xperience: Float Like An Astronaut

  • Zero Gravity Flight
  • Zero Gravity Flight
  • Zero Gravity Flight

Your Zero Gravity flight on the special IL-76 MDK for tourists is an absolutely safe adventure! The crew and the instructors from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center have a lot of experience conducting these flights.

The cabin interiors of the IL-76 MKD are specially designed for these flights with soft upholstery and mats. You will find handrails and safety belts on the corners of the cabin that provide safety during the Zero Gravity mode. Inside the plane there are absolutely no dangerous hooks or corners. The space inside the IL-76 MDK is much wider in comparison to similar Boeing and Airbus planes in other countries.

Onboard instructors are specially trained to handle tourist flights. Their main job — provide you with assistance during their Zero-G mode, to track the end of the Zero Gravity mode and avoid any traumatic events. You can check out our videos with more details to see how the Zero Gravity flights are carried out with our tourists and how they take the most extraordinary selfies!

Flight Experience

  • Medical checkup followed by Pre-flight briefing with instructors.
  • Parachute & safety gear check & get ready for take-off.
  • Zero gravity Flight Xperience: 90 - 120 minute flight.
  • Personal Certificate for your expereince signed by instructors

Additional Options

  • Professional HD photos and video of the entire experience.
  • Personalized Flight Suit
  • From Russia, With Love: Travel Bond style to explore Russia’s heritage spas, nightlife, luxury shopping, etc. with The Grand Vacationist.

Pre-Requisites for the Flight

  • Medical checkup followed by Pre-flight briefing with your Pilot
  • Helmet Check, Radio Check and Suit Up: G-SUIT + FLIGHT SUIT
  • Edge of Space Experience and Aerobatic Flight: 40 - 45 minute flight
  • Personal Certificate with all flight parameters
  • Visit the Sokol Airbase Flight Museum

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